Appointment Request – Volvo GTO Onsite Psychology

Thank you for your interest in the Axis Onsite Psychology Program.

Your confidentiality in the service is paramount and a copy of the onsite psychology consent form can be found below. You will be asked to sign a paper version of this consent at your first appointment.

Please note that all initial appointments are 60 minutes.


Volvo Consent

It is important that Axis Rehabilitation at work gains your consent to collect and store personal and health information.  This is for the primary purpose of providing quality assessment and intervention.  What you tell your therapist in session is confidential and will only be disclosed with your written consent, however there are exceptions

  1. When you disclose information indicating abuse or neglect of a child or elder.
  2. When you appear to be in imminent danger to yourself or another person or when you disclose that someone else maybe in danger or threat to yourself or another person.
  3. When a court subpoenas your file.

If you have any questions regarding these exceptions, please discuss with your psychologist.

Please understand that you have the choice to see a doctor at any time and choose which health providers you see.  If you do not consent for your personal information to be collected, used or disclosed in this way, Axis will not be able to consult with you.