Could it be Tennis Elbow?

Are you are suffering from lateral elbow pain and are wondering if it could be Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an extremely common condition and affects far more people than just those who enjoy playing Tennis. It is often seen among our trades people, electricians and mechanics in particular; as well as those of us who drive computers for a living, with prolonged keyboarding and mouse use being a likely contributor.

Tennis elbow is a condition characterised by pain over the lateral aspect of the elbow, or what’s referred to as the “common extensor origin”. People will often describe pain with lifting or extending the wrist and hand, and the condition often develops in response to some form of overuse. What’s important to understand about this condition is that while overuse may have been the initial trigger, it is often underuse which prolongs its recovery.

While there is no exact recipe to managing these injuries, some ingredients are essential: Early assessment and treatment, gentle but progressive loading of the tissue, and graded exposure to normal activities of daily living.

If you are concerned your pain may be tennis elbow, come in and see one of our friendly Physio’s for assessment and management today.