Healthy You Seminars, Workshops & Webinars

Our range of group based sessions are an engaging and time-efficient approach to providing employees with targeted education and training to improve their health and wellness.

AXIS seminars, workshops and webinars provide targeted education and practical advice to help workers become a healthier, stronger and more productive version of themselves.

We have a comprehensive range of topics from mental wellbeing and resilience through to injury prevention, fatigue management and leader focused conflict management workshops. We can customise and deliver a seminar, workshop or webinar to help improve the health and wellbeing of your workers.

Tailored Content
We have a suite of standard seminars and workshops across the full spectrum of physical and mental wellbeing. We can also work with you to create a workshop that’s just right for your team, with the ability to customise and tailor all of our sessions.

Experienced Presenters
All group education sessions are delivered by Axis’ team of subject-matter expert and special-interest Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Dietitians. We know our team and ensure the presenter is relatable and can quickly build rapport with your workers. We match the industry and seminar requested with the right person health professional for the job.

Flexible format
Choosing whether to deliver a webinar, workshop or seminar depends on the audience, topic, time limitations and desired outcomes. We recommend:
• 30-60minutes for seminars and webinars
• Workshops can be longer (up to 2-4hrs depending on the content to be covered) and are generally more interactive and practical
• We also have toolbox talks to deliver micro topics in as quick as a few minutes as the start of a shift

We can work with you to find a format and length that works for your organisation.


You decide on bite-sized ‘lunch and learn’ sessions or longer seminar format.


Specific and realistic tools and strategies that motivate and promote positive health and lifestyle changes.


Delivered by a team consisting of subject matter experts  – Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Dietitians.

Healthy Bodies

• Find your 30: practical exercise education and guidance in a group setting

• Energy Optimisation: find out how to fuel yourself for success

• Women’s Health: tips, tricks and reminders for optimising wellbeing for women

• Men’s Health: specific advice for staying on top of those male specific wellbeing issues

Healthy Minds

• Steps to a healthier you: the science (and practical seps) behind how to build a healthier version of you
• Mindfulness: practical approach to how you can make the most of the moments that matter
• Psychological Fitness: just like moving our body, our mind also needs training to ensure we have the mental strength to manage life’s challenges
• Rest better: Learn science backed strategies to get better sleep and to manage fatigue during the day
• Mood Management: understand how your mood impacts on you and others and tips for improving your mood and enhancing your performance
• GRIT and resilience: Learn how to manage stress and to bounce back from life’s setbacks

Healthy Leaders

• Mental Health in the workplace: Empower your leaders to understand and recognise signs of poor mental health while promoting psychological wellbeing.
• Leadership training: Developing self-awareness as a leader is one of the most fundamental elements of effective leadership. This program helps your leaders to understanding their own leadership style while providing scaffolding to enhance leadership ability.
• Communication: leader need to have an impact every time they stand in front of your workers and this workshop will provide tips and tricks that help leaders deliver engaging and impactful communication
• Change Management: help your leaders to manage employee change through employee lifecycles, transition back into the workplace and organisational restructures with education and strategies.
• Psychological safety: with psychological health and safety becoming more prominent, keep on top of the latest evidence and approaches by learning how to manage and minimise harm to your greatest asset… Your people

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