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Axis aims to work as an extension of your business and team, allowing us to align with your business goals and values. We provide tailored care solutions to keep your team moving, focussed, on-track, and improve recovery times.

Healthy people make healthy numbers

We improve your working ability so you can reach your goals. Whether it be simply getting back to work, improving workflow, applying prevention measures or reaching financial milestones, we can help with that and more.


Return to work (RTW) rate


Reduction in claims*

65% up to 94%

Stay at work rate improvement

62% to 85%

Premium reduction *based on 2 a range of customers

End to End Services

Most businesses know that workplace injuries and illnesses present an on-going risk and can be difficult to manage. Axis are experts in physiotherapy, psychology, and injury prevention that will keep your team operating safely and happily with our hands-on approach. We understand that a cookie cutter approach isn’t going to work, so we offer customised plans for your business based on how you operate. Our complete end-to-end services from risk assessment, rehabilitation, and wellbeing programs are delivered nationally by Axis teams around the country.

Injury Prevention

The burden of injury can strain any business. At Axis we’re all about proactive and preventative care, and early intervention for a healthy workforce. Our risk assessments can identify injury situations, deliver solutions to injury challenges and reduce your compensation costs moving forward.

With expert healthcare and rehabilitation services around Australia, we’ll also help simplify the management of workplace injury. If you’ve got an employee who’s been injured on the job, we can support your team to reduce the impact on your business’ productivity, and reduce and simplify those employees’ compensation claims.

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Mental Wellbeing

Your employees mental health is just as integral to their productivity and wellbeing as physical health, so we want to help prevent psychological issues from occurring in the workplace. Part of our approach to achieving this is to assess psychosocial hazards, facilitate a collaborative and supportive early intervention counseling environment, educate and destigmatize the mental health space in the workplace, and improve overall workplace culture.

We employ a continuity of care by a clinical familiar with the workplace context, providing a well rounded solution to employee mental health and wellbeing. Axis psychology services in the workplace works towards eliminating barriers for employees that may prevent them from accessing community services.

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Occupational Health

Reduce your workplace’s risk of injury and compensation claims with our range of injury prevention services.

Axis is a provider of choice, and with our multidisciplinary team of highly experienced physiotherapists, psychologists and more, we can assist you and your employees with occupational rehabilitation, return to work, injury management and other preventative solutions to keep your workforce happy and healthy.

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Health & Wellness

Tailored holistic care solutions and services driven by the belief that happier and healthier people perform better with multi-disciplinary programs that foster independence & outcome focused care.

We partner with you to deliver tailored health and wellness services to optimise the health of your employees, which in turn will positively impact on engagement and productivity, retention rates and contribute to reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism.

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Downloadable resources

OREBRO Plus powered by AXIS Orebro is a psychosocial questionnaire that can help identify individuals who may have delayed recovery and return to work (RTW) following MSDs. However, dispensing, scoring and collecting Orebro’s is a challenge, let alone keeping track, if you have a large amount of cases. To solve this problem AXIS have developed OREBRO Plus; a free application to send, score and dashboard Orebro results. It’s FREE to use!

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“The service has been outstanding so far! The team has been supportive to staff, the implementation and follow-up has been great and it is resulting in a safer workplace”.

Health & Safety Manager | Manufacturing Industry

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