Injury Prevention

When you move well, you do well. Improve individual and workforce performance, injury recovery, and probability.

At Axis, we believe in proactive care for a healthy workforce, by identifying risks and developing targeted injury prevention techniques we can support your team and reduce the burden of potential injury challenges.

Or, are you looking to get back moving after an injury? Our central CBD location and evidence-based approach to treatment will get you moving again.

Physiotherapy at Axis

National Footprint

Our team of specialists are located across Australia with trusted client relationships.

Onsite Services

Delivery of physio services onsite at your workplace.

Individual Services

Centrally located in the Brisbane CBD for your convenience.

Our onsite and individual services

Our onsite teams and range of services are designed to create healthier and more productive workplaces. We also work directly with individuals. If that’s you, find out more here.

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Onsite Physiotherapy

Supporting your team to reduce the burden of injury and illness that impacts productivity & lost time.

AXIS provides Onsite Physiotherapy clinics where a Physio delivers services onsite at the workplace. This can include injury management, early intervention, injury prevention and workplace wellness programs. Keeping your workforce healthy through targeted injury prevention and providing proactive care for a healthy workforce.

Early Intervention

Proactive care for a healthy workforce. Work better. Recover better.

The AXIS Early Intervention Program model addresses the management of work related (and non-work related) injuries using exceptional Physiotherapy assessment and treatment skills in conjunction with screening workers for psycho-social barriers that may impact a workers recovery.  The goal is for workers to remain at work and rehabilitate from injury in a safe and durable manner, improving the health, safety and culture of a business.

Premium Care

Telehealth early intervention can take place at the worker’s home or workplace. It is a convenient, safe and easy way to access quality Physiotherapy intervention intervention without encountering the costs associated with travel to and from clinics.

Pre-employment Services

Axis Pre-Employment Screenings are designed for clients who require a structured functional and physical screening assessment which matches the critical job demands of a prospective worker’s role.

Clinic Physiotherapy

Get back to moving again with Axis. Our physiotherapists employ a range of therapies using evidence based care to reduce pain, restore movement, prevent further issues and obtain better outcomes.

“The feedback from my team who have used the service has been overwhelmingly amazing! That plus the lost time reduction makes it a no brainer.”

Workplace Health & Safety Manager, Airline Services

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