Premium Care Telehealth

Healthcare made easy.
Telehealth is a safe and secure means to access Axis Physiotherapy & Psychology services at your fingertips.

Telehealth early intervention can take place at the worker’s home or workplace. It is a convenient, safe and easy way to access quality Physiotherapy & Psychology intervention without encountering the costs associated with travel to and from clinics.

All consultations are with an Axis Physiotherapist or Psychologist who are experienced in identifying and managing psychosocial stresses of the workplace.

Premium Care simplifies the injury management process with a defined runway of early intervention care promoting stay at work recovery and in turn, less lost time injuries and WorkCover claims.

  • Trusted health professionals with expertise in return to work
  • Immediate risk profiling of all injuries
  • Effective triage for all injuries
  • Extra care options for difficult cases
  • Physiotherapy Partner Program across Australia
  • Real time data and communication to all stakeholders
  • Personalised advice, education and exercise programs
  • Reduce the need for unnecessary medical intervention

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