Occupational Health

Proactive care keeps you a step ahead. Work better, recover better and prevent complications with our multidisciplinary team.

AXIS is a provider of choice for occupational health. We offer a full spectrum of services from preventative care and risk assessment, to employee health and wellbeing, workplace injury management, and rehabilitation.

Return to Work

The health benefits of work are well documented. Our goal is for workers to remain at work, where possible, and rehabilitate from injury or illness in a safe and durable manner. If they do require time off work, evidence shows that early intervention and early return to work helps with better outcomes.

Assessments & Evaluations

Workplace assessments and evaluations to save you time, money and reduce the risk of injury. For physical or psychological injury or illness, Axis can undertake individual assessments to facilitate recovery, return to work and getting back on track.

Pain Management

Get on top of the risk factors that can prolong pain, or simply get back to work faster with our holistic care solutions. Comprehensive pain management isn’t just for people who have failed standard care. Pro-active pain management involves the early recognition of signs which are associated with longer recovery. Managing these risk factors early can help reduce the burden of injury for individuals and organisations.

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