Presentation at Ozwater Conference

Recently Axis Clinical Psychology Lead, Sarah Walsh presented at the OzWater Conference to discuss our onsite psychology pilot program at Urban Utilities.

The pilot program targeted field service officers, placing familiar psychologists in their home depots. The service was confidential and had the full support of workers, area managers and team leaders.

The benefits compared to traditional EAP services included:
– By having a psychologist onsite it helps to normalise help seeking and destigmatise accessing mental health services
– Familiar clinicians who have an understanding of the unique culture of the organisation
– Walk-in sessions available
– Psychologists engage with team leaders, attend meetings, provide training and ride along for jobs.
– No referral required, no individual cost
– Able to access during work time

Our presentation received a reception that reinforced the simple message of the importance of looking after people, not just physically, but through initiatives that also supports psychological health and safety.

If you’d like to know more about our onsite psychology service, contact us today.

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