Remedial Massage

Effective hands-on treatment to relieve general muscular tightness which can lead to pain, stress, injury and irritability.

For office workers, massage provides a great relief from the tight knots and headaches obtained from long hours spent in front of computers.

For weekend warriors and sports enthusiasts, regular remedial massage treatments aid in maintaining flexibility, strength and also reducing recovery time between workouts.

Benefits of remedial massage:

– Reduce headaches and pain from muscular tightness origin
– Improve range of movement improvement
– Decrease stress
– Manage aches and pains related to workplace postures
– Improve sporting performance and recovery
– Reduce aches and discomforts during pregnancy


Brisbane CBD Head Office – 280 Adelaide Street

Massage opening hours

By appointment only: Wednesday 10am – 3pm | Thursday 10am – 2.30pm

Health Fund Rebates

Available for clients with Private Health Insurance and extras cover

Photo of Georgie White

Massage Therapist

Georgie White

Georgie combines her 10+ years of experience with her interest in helping her clients understand and connect with their bodies through results-driven hands on care. Her techniques are conducted in a safe and compassionate environment and she enjoys tailoring treatment plans with Axis Physiotherapists and other health care professionals to ensure her clients goals are met. Georgie utilises stretching, deep tissue massage, trigger point release and neuromuscular techniques. Georgie is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

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