We are looking forward to seeing you online at your scheduled Axis live Telehealth appointment.

In preparation for this consult, please review the following ‘to-do’ list to help you get the most out of your appointment.

What do I need so I can have a Telehealth appointment by video?

Basic technical requirements:
So we can see and hear you, and so you can see and hear us, you will need a device that has a webcam, microphone and speaker. You will also need an internet/data connection.

Do you have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with these features?

Do you have access to a reliable hard-line (ADSL/NBN) or mobile data (4G) connection?

Your physical location:
Private door
You will need to think about the physical space and location for your telehealth consultation.

Is your location private and free from hazards?

Are you able to give your full attention, and not undertake other activities like driving?

I will be using a Smart Phone or Tablet.

Install the app now

You will connect with the AXIS therapist through Microsoft Teams; a free app you will need to download before your appointment. Microsoft Teams encrypts all communication using industry-standard technologies such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for your consult. Please follow the links below to install Microsoft Teams onto your device and complete the installation now.



5 minutes before your appointment

Access your SMS from AXIS with the secure link to your video call. Click on this link and allow your device to open Microsoft Teams. Your therapist will join you at the time of your consult.

I will be using a PC or laptop.

Get your web browser ready

You will connect with the Axis therapist through your computer’s web browser. This web page works best with Google ChromeFirefox, or the new Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Internet Explorer are unsupported.

Please make sure you have a supported browser ready for the web call.

5 minutes before your appointment

Navigate to the link sent to you by Axis in your web browser. You can do this by typing the URL from the SMS directly into the web browser address bar.

Your Axis therapist will join you at the time of your appointment.

During your online appointment

Success! You are about to begin your Telehealth appointment by video.

As you start the video call

Your therapist will probably offer to introduce themselves and anyone with them first.

Introduce yourself and also the people who are with you. Ensure that anyone else you have asked to be online is introduced.

Your therapist will ask you to confirm that you know that:

  • the session is private
  • the technology is secure
  • the session will NOT be recorded

Confirm that you are happy to proceed with all of the parties who have been introduced.

You can always call Axis on 07 3229 9441 if you are experiencing any problems.

During your video call

Ensure the camera has a good view of you. For physical assessments, rest your device somewhere stable or position the camera so the Axis therapist can see your whole body when assessing you.

As you finish your appointment

  • Agree on the next steps or a plan with your treating therapist
  • Provide your therapist with any feedback about the session

If you have access to your email account, you may also be able to confirm that you have received your online exercise program.

After your online appointment

Thank you for participating in our video call.

Final steps

Please make a note of any problems you experienced with the technology and consider the ways in which we might overcome these problems.

Please also complete the feedback survey you are sent; we would appreciate you completing this so we can continue to provide high level services to our patients. Axis may also contact you after this session to discuss your experience of Telehealth.

Finally, please implement and monitor the follow-up actions you agreed to with your treating therapist.