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AXIS exists to make real differences to the health and capability of people and communities.

We help large to small organisations, and individuals across Australia become healthier, happier and more productive by elevating their human potential.

We provide tailored holistic care solutions and services driven by the belief that happier and healthier people perform better. Our nationwide team improves vitality, wellbeing, injury recovery, and overall health in an individual or an organisation’s workforce.

Founded in 2000 with the aim to elevate occupational health, at Axis we continue to push industry standards and help individuals and organisations across Australia accomplish more and recover better with our care solutions. Our national footprint and team of specialists provide personalised service and a dynamic approach to all our clients whether they are an individual seeking care or an organisation looking to enhance workplace productivity.

Our onsite and individual services

Our onsite teams and range of services are designed to create healthier and more productive workplaces. We also work directly with individuals. If that’s you, find out more here.

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Healthy people make healthy numbers

We improve your working ability so you can reach your goals. Whether it be simply getting back to work, improving workflow, applying prevention measures or reaching financial milestones, we can help with that and more.


Return to work rate


Reduction in claims*

65% up to 94%

Stay at work rate improvement

62% to 85%

Premium reduction *based on 2 a range of customers

Axis National Footprint

At Axis, we are proud to offer onsite, offsite and telehealth services across Australia. Our national coverage offers physiotherapists and psychology teams in all major regional locations and cities including: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane – so, no matter where you are, we’ll help you and your workforce become healthier, happier and more productive.

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Learn more about the latest trends and topics shaping our industry and yours.

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3 August 2022

Making sense of pain

It is really scary when pain doesn’t make sense, when it is not follow the pattern we expect or have experienced in the past.

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27 June 2022

Axis Official Certification

Axis is proud to announce our official certification to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

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23 June 2022

“Are you going to tell me it is in my head?”

Pain Psychologists work with people experiencing pain past normal healing times. The suffering is often unpredictable, inconsistent, intense and relentless.

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We’re determined to build long-lasting referral relationships. Our team of specialists are committed to delivering the highest level of care on your behalf.

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