Mental Wellbeing

Mental health takes investment in the same way physical health does. Psychological support can help make the most out of challenging situations and improve overall wellbeing.

We take the time to understand the unique needs of people seeking psychological support, in both a workplace capacity and for individuals. We provide holistic care in the form of tailored interventions and prevention services.

Our Axis Psychologists are skilled in working with people with a variety of psychological presentations or who may have experienced major life disruptions that impact their mental health. We strive to provide a safe space for our clients to process their psychological experience by offering professional and outcome-based treatments.

At Axis we see adult patients, seeking care privately or via referrals from GP MHCP and NDIS. We can see you face to face or securely over telehealth. We also provide care under Worker’s Compensation claims, Comcare claims and Employee Assistance Programs.

Psychology locations

Psychology appointments are made at the time of referral at one of our Clinics or for onsite clients, at your workplace.

Brisbane CBD

280 Adelaide Street (Axis Head Office)

Mt Gravatt

2084 Logan Road (inside Goodlife Gym)


Shop 2, 59 Albany Creek Road (inside Hypermarket Medical Centre)


16 Amazon Place (at DFO, inside Goodlife Gym)


Level 4, 2 Promethean Way (inside Bond Institute of Health & Sport)

Psychological Counselling

Our dedicated team of psychologists deliver evidence-based, tailored intervention to individuals in need of psychological support. We are skilled in working with people with a variety of psychological presentations or who may have experienced major life disruptions that impact their mental health.

We are trained in treating and reducing symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorder, Perinatal Mental Health, Grief & Loss and Pain Management.

Onsite psychology

Proactive care for a psychologically healthy workforce. Axis Onsite psychology provides a collaborative & supportive environment to improve your workers mental wellbeing and overall business environment. Our service includes early intervention counselling, education & preventative psychological services.

Onsite psychology services eliminate barriers that may prevent a worker seeking assistance and enables support and treatment of mental health symptoms when they do occur.

NDIS Psychology

Collaborative psychological support for self-managed & plan managed NDIS participants. We help NDIS participants who require ongoing psychological support. We have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Our psychologists have a special interest in Health Psychology and have completed specific training to understand the relationship between physical and mental health. We are experienced in collaborating with people to increase their ability to function in their daily life despite the limitations of disability, injury or illness.

One Call / Telehealth

Telehealth early intervention can take place at the worker’s home or workplace. It is a convenient, safe and easy way to access quality Psychological intervention without encountering the costs associated with travel to and from clinics.

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Why would I see a psychologist?

You can see a psychologist for any reason. The most likely reasons would be difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed by work or life, interpersonal stress, managing mood symptoms (e.g.anxiety, depression or stress) or grief and loss counselling.

How will a psychologist help me?

Often people find that talking to someone a helpful process in figuring out how they feel about complicated challenges in their life. Especially when that person isn’t closely connected to their personal life and can offer objective strategies to support.

If I see a psychologist am I crazy?

The simple answer is no. Psychologists work with people who have a wide range of psychological functioning. From optimising performance of elite athletes to treating mental health disorders. Psychologists are specialists in emotions, thinking and human behaviour. Any time there is a gap between where you are and where you would like to be in life, a psychologist is likely to be able to assist.