Healthy You Assessments

Our onsite employee health assessments provide employees with a strategy for enhancing their health and wellbeing to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared for the demands of work and life outside of work.

For the organisation, health assessments uncover valuable insights into the real health and wellbeing of your workforce, providing a benchmark to evaluate the ROI of targeted health and wellness investment.


Work with us to determine the best format and content for your workforce from our wide library.


Specific and realistic tools and strategies that motivate and promote positive health and lifestyle changes.


Delivered by a team consisting of subject matter experts and special-interest Physiotherapists.

About the service

• We have a range of health assessments from 15minutes to 30minutes
• Each employee receives personalised health advice based on their results, as well as an e-health passport
• Employers receive a comprehensive health results dashboard and recommendations for improvement
• We provide program management, online booking and reminders and customised marketing materials
• GP referrals are completed for any high-risk individuals
• All assessments are conducted by university qualified Health Professionals

Why Health Assessments are important for your organisation?

• Mitigate the costs of poor health such as increased absenteeism and presenteeism
• Benchmark to evaluate the ROI of targeted health and wellness investment.
• An employee value add that can positively impact on staff attraction, retention and engagement – employer of choice within industry

Employee benefits of health assessments

• Increased personal health knowledge and understanding of health risks
• Improved health ownership
• Personalised health advice and coaching to set goals and take action
• Take home health results and resources to share with family and/or friends

Standard Measures

Lifestyle Questionnaires

Body Composition Check

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Glucose Profile

Mental Health Screen

Health Coaching

Optional Additions

Lung Function

Functional Capacity



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