Healthy You Onsite Challenge

The Axis Healthy You Onsite Challenge is a comprehensive health program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of a cohort

The Axis Healthy You Challenge is a group-based, 8-week program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of workers, whilst also building engagement, morale and comradery within your workforce.

The program provides teams of 4 with baseline, midpoint and end-program metrics. The health professional works with participants to set goals for incremental health change to improve their overall wellbeing across the 8-week period and beyond. Participants are supported throughout the challenge with weekly educational advice, activity trackers and SMS motivational reminders.

All participants complete a series of physical assessments at the commencement, midway and at completion of the program, with various measures being assessed. If needed, further specific fitness and strength measures can be employed to assess participants who already have ideal health markers and are looking at improving fitness and not just general health. The tailored challenge runs for 8 weeks and empowers your staff to improve their general health and fitness.

Our team-based approach to challenges improves employee morale and engagement, contributing to improving staff retention and reducing staff attrition rates. Your business will also benefit from staff who are healthier and have greater capacity to cope with the demands of both their work and life. This can have a positive effect on productivity, absenteeism, injury and illness, which ultimately can help improve the health of your business.

Team Based

Challenges are a great way to boost morale and engagement across virtual and office-based teams


Specific measurements can be included to address the key health risks within your organisation


Health shouldn’t be boring! Our 8-week challenge helps make health changes more sustainable

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