Onsite psychology

Proactive care for a psychologically healthy workforce. Axis Onsite psychology provides a collaborative & supportive environment to improve your workers mental wellbeing and overall business environment.

Our service includes early intervention counselling, education & preventative psychological services. Onsite psychology services eliminate barriers that may prevent a worker seeking assistance and enables support and treatment of mental health symptoms when they do occur.

The onsite early intervention psychology program is a service focused on providing individual, private and confidential counselling support to workers to assist with a range of mental health challenges they may be facing in their personal & professional lives. The service also aims to provide mental health coaching – teaching practical strategies to help promote improved health and lifestyle choices and to help foster strong, respectful relationships.

Mental Fitness Skills Training

Dealing with change & uncertainty | Managing stress | Managing Anxiety
Managing Depression | Resilience building | Performance Enhancement
Motivation & concentration | Sports Performance | Fatigue Management
Grief and Loss Counselling | Dealing with life transitions

Health Counselling

Supporting personal growth and development | Health & Behaviour Change
Relaxation Training & Mindfulness | Time management | Goal setting
Sleep Hygiene | Rehabilitation/Adjustment to Injury | Pain Management
Health-related Problems | Self-esteem Training


Building strong relationships at work & at home | Having difficult conversations | Assertive communication training | Anger Management

“The Axis Psychologist has been excellent with a particularly difficult case, and he has maintained his objectivity, gently challenging the client towards a better outcome”.

Case Manager | Government department

Axis in the workplace

Axis aims to work as an extension of your business and team, allowing us to align with your business goals and values. We provide tailored care solutions to keep your team moving, focused, on-track, and improve recovery times.

We believe happier and healthier people perform better

Our team of specialists are located all over Australia, get in touch with us using the form below and we’ll get you or your business reaching your full potential.

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Will my managers find out about this?

You have the right to confidentiality with any psychologist, and there is no difference in this setting. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, your managers will not be aware you are accessing this service.

If I see a psychologist am I crazy?

The simple answer is no. Psychologists work with people who have a wide range of psychological functioning. From optimising performance of elite athletes to treating mental health disorders. Psychologists are specialists in emotions, thinking and human behaviour. Any time there is a gap between where you are and where you would like to be in life, a psychologist is likely to be able to assist.

Why would I see a psychologist?

The benefit of seeing an onsite psychologist is that you don’t require a referral and you can see a psychologist for any reason.

The most likely reasons within a workplace setting would be difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed by work or life, interpersonal stress, managing mood symptoms (e.g. anxiety, depression or stress).