Onsite Physiotherapy FAQ’s

Have a question about Axis Onsite Physiotherapy Services? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is onsite physiotherapy?

Onsite physiotherapy is physiotherapy services provided at the workplace. Just like your local physiotherapist, an onsite physiotherapist provides assessment and treatment of injuries; however this is delivered within the convenience of our workplace.

Being onsite and easily accessible promotes early intervention, allowing assessment and treatment for minor things that people might not consider seeking community-based care for. With onsite physiotherapy you do not need to take a ‘wait and see’ or ‘I’ll be right’ approach to any aches, pains or symptoms that you may experience.

An onsite physiotherapist also has the ability to observe you performing tasks in your regular work environment which allows them to provide more tailored treatment and advice about injury prevention, injury management and recovery.

What are the benefits to seeing an Axis Onsite Physiotherapist?

  1. Early intervention – When you feel pain or discomfort, seeking care early will help to reduce the amount of time it takes you to recover from an injury. As opposed to taking a “wait and see” or “I think it will be alright” approach you have the opportunity to prevent minor things becoming major.
  2. By being onsite, Axis physiotherapists develop a thorough understanding of your job requirements. This ensures treatment can be tailored specifically to your work demands. They can also liaise directly with your supervisors and health team ensuring you are provided appropriate work duties, subject to relevant policies and procedures while you recover.
  3. There is no cost to you.
  4. The convenience of appointments at the workplace.

Is my Axis physiotherapist a registered health professional?

All Axis physiotherapists are fully registered physiotherapists with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

What can I expect from the session?

When you see the physiotherapist, they will ask to carry out an individual physical/psychological assessment to understand your issues, and how they can be most helpful in improving your condition. This is also to ensure that any advice or treatment provided to you is safe. The treatment you receive will be specific to your issues and based on your assessment.

Axis believes that best treatment outcomes occur when patients are empowered to be pro-active in their own recovery. Our treatment approach is focussed on best evidence-based practice, combining active self-management strategies and exercise, supported by hands on, manual treatment techniques.

Why would I engage Axis Onsite Physiotherapy Services rather than visit the local Physio?

An Axis onsite physiotherapy clinic will save on lost time and transport costs with workers travelling to and from Physiotherapy appointments, whilst providing treatment, rehabilitation and risk management all within the workplace.

We also have interstate offices, how can Axis assist?

Axis is proud to offer onsite physiotherapy and telehealth services across Australia as a trusted occupational rehabilitation provider. Our national coverage offers workplace physiotherapists in all major regional locations and cities.

How do I know how the employee is progressing?

Atlas, our online management system is available to monitor services and understand the benefits delivered by the Axis onsite physiotherapy programs. This real-time information provides feedback about injuries, where they are happening, how they are occurring, the most at-risk groups and the outcomes of our interventions.

What is the AXIS treatment philosophy?

Axis believes that best treatment outcomes occur when patients are empowered to be pro-active in their own recovery. Their treatment approach is focused on best evidence-based practice, combining active self-management strategies and exercise, supported by hands on, manual treatment techniques.

Axis is also a signatory endorsing the Health Benefits of Good work consensus statement produced by the Australia Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

How will Axis understand different work roles, particularly when they are able to make recommendations regarding capacity for work?

Each Axis onsite physiotherapy clinic will have a regular physiotherapist who will get to know the site, the employees and the work performed. As part of an appointment, your Axis physiotherapist may also arrange a worksite visit so they can assess your physical capacity in your work environment.

In addition to providing treatment, the Axis onsite physiotherapist will also complete assessments of job demands and Hazardous Manual Tasks to assist in managing the associated risks and appropriate management of your injury.

Is Axis a part of my employer?

No. Axis is an independent national healthcare company.

What information is provided to my employer?

As you are required to notify your supervisor/manager regarding booking into the onsite service, your employer will be aware that you are coming to see us.

All consultations are confidential.  In the case, however, of your condition affecting your capacity to work safely, your Axis Physiotherapist will communicate with your supervisor, injury management team and other health professional if required.  Your Axis Physiotherapist will not release any of this information without first gaining your consent to do so.

How does Axis manage my health records?

Axis maintains their own clinical records related to your treatment. These records are created in line with the requirements set out by the AHPRA and kept in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principals Act (1988) and the Australian Privacy Principles (2014). Your employer does not have access to these records.​ If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy please ask your physiotherapist.

Are there any costs for using Axis’ Onsite Clinics?

The service is free of charge for all work related injuries, aches, pains and conditions.

Do I have to see Axis if I am injured at Work?

No. You always have a choice with your healthcare practitioner. We are experts in occupational rehabilitation and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service, delivered at the convenience of your work place​.